BioOhio team member Olivia Bush recently attended the 33rd annual Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, MD. Read her recap of the event to learn more about new products and trends she saw in the natural products industry at the Expo.

An electric vibe could be felt throughout Baltimore as consumers, exhibitors, and retailers from across the globe gathered for the 33rd annual Natural Products Expo East. The event featured over 1,500 different brands, with products ranging from food & beverage to supplements & ingredients.

Trends were quite apparent at Expo East- with many companies featuring new product developments in caffeine, fermented foods and beverages, and CBD. Samples were passed out left and right as companies excitedly unveiled their new innovations and encouraged consumers to give them a try.

The Buckeye State was represented by 29 different exhibitors, with some, such as Cleveland Kraut, NOOMA, and The Toasted Oat, representing the food & beverage sector, while others, such as P&G and HealthPro Brands, represented the households sector of the natural products industry.

The Natural Products Industry grew 6.3% to reach $206 million in annual sales last year, which was about 10 times the growth of the total food industry, which grew a mere 0.7%. Industry sales have more than doubled since 2007 as more and more consumers are taking interest in the types of products that not only they but also their families use and consume. (1)

(1)New Hope Network. (2018, September 17). Natural Products Expo East Brings Together the Health, Wellness and Eco-Conscious Community to Highlight Products & Missions Driving Global Change [Press Release]. Retrieved from this page.