's Jordan Malter (left) with Nanofiber Solutions' Jed Johnson in the lab

Hollywood is in love with 3-D these days, and thanks to Columbus-based Nanofiber Solutions, medical researchers are beginning to enjoy the benefits of 3-D too.

Nanofiber Solutions was founded by John Lannutti and Jed Johnson in April of 2009 as an extension of Johnson’s doctoral research at The Ohio State University. The company’s 3-dimensional polymer nanofiber substrate provides researchers with more biologically realistic cell culture than conventional flat (2-D) polystyrene. This nanofiber technology is applied to standard sized multiwell plates, which allows high-throughput testing and live cell imaging previously possible only in specialized labs. Better simulation of the in vivo topography leads to earlier breakthroughs and a faster (i.e., cheaper) time to market for drug development.

After pilot tests and sample usage in Ohio State labs, the company’s first official sales began in April.“Our clients include pharmaceutical companies, stem cell therapy companies, medical centers, and academic research institutions,” Johnson said. “Right now, we’re making about 100 well plates a week, and our sales projections have us making more than 1,000 a day.”

The company was recently featured in a video report on Ohio’s bioscience industry growth.

In addition to Johnson, Lannutti, and CEO Ross Kayuha, Nanofiber Solutions employs two staff members and three interns, a staffing arrangement sure to change if the company’s sales projections come to fruition.