Jul 31 2018

Cliniceval Solutions, LLC

Cliniceval Solutions, LLC is a clinical trial site assessment organization dedicated to expediting and maximizing the success of the clinical development and clinical trial process for our partners and accelerating the delivery of novel therapies to patients in need. Our primary service offering is the development, management and reporting of clinical trial feasibility assessments to identify optimal clinical trial investigators and research sites to ensure qualification for clinical trial participation. The introduction of ClinicEval Connect, a database which provides a global index of thousands of potential clinical investigators and research sites across multiple therapeutic specialties, will help streamline the feasibility assessment and overall clinical development process.

Jun 05 2018


21MedTech is a medical technologies company offering new, highly advanced biomedical materials. Our intellectual property includes revolutionary materials for regenerative medicine, drug delivery and 3D manufacturing. 21MedTech is driven by a commitment to provide solutions to surgeons, physicians and healthcare providers that ensure optimal outcomes for patients. Our deep expertise in materials synthesis, fabrication, and 3D printing is expected to transform medical therapies in orthopaedics, cardiology, urology gynecology, pain management, anti-infective therapies and other drug delivery applications. We work with pharmaceutical, medical devices and 3D technology companies to provide the expertise and materials that will enable them to transform their markets.

May 31 2018

State Street Laboratories, LLC

State Street Laboratories, LLC is a biomedical laboratory specialized in diagnostic testing, laboratory testing, forensic consulting & testing, and laboratory supply distribution. The company uses state-of-the-art techniques and methods in bioanalytical and analytical chemistry to characterize and quantify heavy metals, small molecules, drugs, and controlled substances and their metabolites. State Street Laboratory is also a laboratory supply distributor.

May 25 2018

Quadrel Labeling Systems

Quadrel Labeling Systems designs and manufactures pressure-sensitive and shrink-sleeve label application equipment. The company services a wide variety of industries, including packagers of pharmaceuticals, personal care products, automotive, beverage, chemicals, and food.

May 24 2018

True Label, Inc.

True Label, Inc. is headquartered in a 60,000 square foot facility in Toledo, offering label and packaging products for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food & beverage, and consumer products fields.

May 24 2018

Codonics, Inc.

Codonics, Inc. designs and manufactures medical imaging and information management devices used in hospitals, imaging centers, mobile applications and government facilities. Codonics’ Safe Label System is an advanced syringe labeling device that can also be used to label IV lines, invasive monitor lines and other operating room equipment. Additional products include CD/DVD disc publishers, medical image importers, and multi-format printers. Codonics medical image printers can produce standard paper documents, as well as clear/blue film, long film, and full color films for cardiac, 3D, SPECT, PET, and PET fusion.

May 18 2018

City of Fostoria Water Treatment Division

The City of Fostoria is located just 40 miles southeast of Toledo, nestled between Findlay and Tiffin. Fostoria is a quiet yet active community, small enough to know your neighbor, but large enough that you and your family will have everything they need right here in town. Three grocery stores, dozens of churches, tons of service organizations and clubs, and more than 10 school districts are available to Fostoria residents. At the Water Treatment Division, operations personnel perform many water quality control tests and numerous equipment checks 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The treated water is pumped to homes and businesses via 100 miles of piping at a constant pressure and volume. The Culbertson and Zeller Road towers provide for Fire Protection and large volumes of treated water.

May 18 2018

MavenView Analytics

MavenView Analytics is a software company founded in 2015 by Professors Stephanie and Richard Hughes, a competitive intelligence expert and a physicist, respectively.  Their mission was to advance research out from the lab and into commercialization more quickly and efficiently by mapping science and technology related IP to potential commercialization partners.  Since then the MavenView platform has evolved into a decision and strategic support system that informs multiple use cases including: licensing and M&A activities, bench-marking, gap-analysis, and competitive intelligence; patent landscaping, identifying freedom to operate and infringement; and predicting emerging technologies, organizations, and leaders based on trend analysis. The MavenView platform gives business strategists, researchers and IP professionals insight into the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in a particular technology space by identifying trends, top organizations, experts, funding and patenting activity, so that they are able to strategically plan, predict, and execute with confidence.

May 16 2018

Batten Disease Support and Research Association (BDSRA)

The Batten Disease Support and Research Association (BDSRA) is dedicated to funding research for treatments and cures, providing family support services, advancing education, raising awareness, and advocating for legislative action. Founded in 1987, by parents seeking to build a network for those diagnosed with Batten disease, BDSRA is now the largest support and research organization dedicated to Batten disease in North America. BDSRA believes that to effectively unravel the mysteries of Batten disease, the worlds of medical science, research, and families must work together toward a common goal: discover treatments and cures while assuring a better quality of life for those living with the disease.

May 16 2018

Avatar Brokers, LLC

Avatar Brokers LLC provides specialist insurance broking services to companies that develop innovative technology. We are passionate about supporting our clients and offer a nimble, personable & collaborative approach to our work. Excellence in broking requires clear thinking, focus & specialized negotiating skills. We see our role as an expert buyer, claims manager & risk advisor. In the US we act for a diverse mix of technology, life science & defence contractor companies, across twenty states. In Australia we act for 36% of the ASX listed Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences sector. 70% of our client base is derived from technology, life sciences, green energy & related service providers.