Dec 03 2018

Stow-Munroe Falls High School Medical Biotechnology Class

Stow-Munroe Falls High School is a public school with a growing biotechnology program. We are a small class of students interested in biotechnology. In our classroom we learn about proper laboratory procedures, such as keeping a lab notebook, following SOP’s, preparing reagents and media, how to use pipettes, and the use of an autoclave and a thermal cycler/PCR machine. We study bacterial cells extensively as well as how they are used in biotechnology, and we complete several restriction enzyme/restriction digest labs as well as a bacterial cell transformation lab. Students complete one lab using an online bioinformatics site and we study and complete several labs involving plasmids and gel electrophoresis. In our final lab, we will test our snacks for GMO’s.

Nov 20 2018

Genentech, Inc.

Considered the founder of the industry, Genentech, now a member of the Roche Group, has been delivering on the promise of biotechnology for over 40 years. Genentech is a leading biotechnology company that discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes medicines to treat patients with serious or life-threatening medical conditions. We are among the world’s leading biotech companies, with multiple products on the market and a promising development pipeline.

Nov 20 2018

Biomedical Engineering Society at Ohio State

The Biomedical Engineering Society at The Ohio State University promotes the profession of biomedical engineering through study, research, and discussion of the various fields of biomedical engineering while fostering networking opportunities between students, faculty and biomedical engineering professionals. Additionally, we aim to cultivate an understanding of the engineering field in the community through outreach events throughout the year. Connect with the group on LinkedIn at

Nov 20 2018

Medical deScriptions, LLC

Medical deScriptions, LLC is a provider of high quality writing and qualitative market research services to the biopharmaceutical and life sciences sectors. This company’s specialty is the clinical trials niche, where Ann Neuer, President, has written extensively on technologies that improve clinical trial efficiency for tasks such as study startup and site selection. She also writes about health economics outcomes research, and cloud computing. Ann’s articles are well-researched, well-regarded, a good read, and are always submitted on time. Importantly, she makes complex subjects simple to understand. Medical deScriptions has also conducted numerous competitive intelligence projects in many therapeutic areas, such as diabetes, migraine headache, cardiology, urinary incontinence, and more. Specialties: researching and writing articles, white papers, and blogs, qualitative market research, contributing to manuscripts submitted to peer-reviewed medical journals, and interviewing key opinion leaders.

Nov 19 2018

Individual Member – Sabine Zacate

Sabine Zacate, Ph.D. has proven experience in Molecular Biology and Microbiology in laboratory and classroom settings. She has taught upper-level biology classes at university and designed and ran a bio-safety level 2 molecular research laboratory. Currently she focuses on scientific writing and editing and is also looking for full-time employment.

Nov 19 2018

Student Member – Annie Witzky

I am a driven PhD student who thrives in collaborative projects. Although my degree will be in molecular genetics, I work in a lab that encourages multi-disciplinary projects that include microbiology, biochemistry, and genetics. During my graduate work, I have been focused on how translation impacts bacterial physiology, and how we can ultimately use this knowledge for the development of novel antibiotics. I have been working towards this goal through the characterization of a universally conserved translation factor, Elongation Factor P (EF-P). In the beginning of my graduate career, I co-authored multiple publications that centered on the functional and physiological role of EF-P from a basic science standpoint. In the final years of my thesis, I plan to take this knowledge and expand the project into more translational research with direct applications for human health.

Nov 08 2018

Student Member – Julia Ryan

Julia Ryan is a BioOhio student member. Julia is a regulatory analyst at Michigan Medicine and graduate student in the the Master of Applied Clinical and Pre-clinical Research (MACPR) program at The Ohio State University. With a budding career in regulatory affairs supported by a long stem of clinical healthcare experience, she is seeking a job shadow, internship or project experience in 2019 for her regulatory affairs capstone. For information about the MACPR program and the RA Track, visit To contact Julia, please email JuliaRyanRDLD @ or connect on LinkedIn.

Nov 06 2018

Clarus R+D

Clarus R+D helps innovators claim the R&D tax credits they’ve earned. We focus on small to mid-sized businesses that have traditionally missed the R&D tax credit because of the perception that it’s too complex or costly. Our technology-driven, collaborative approach empowers these companies to fuel their growth with America’s largest tax incentive.

Nov 01 2018

Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME)

The Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence will be the foremost leader in applied research through business validation, process innovation, design, technology advancement, and best-of-class manufacturing approaches. CDME was developed to meet the translational research needs of the university?s external partners. The center was funded initially via a $6.8M federal grant and by the The Ohio State University’s College of Engineering to ensure that university innovation provides a more direct impact on the commercial manufacturing industry.