Abeona Therapeutics is a fully-integrated gene and cell therapy company at the forefront of the rapidly-advancing field of genetic medicine. BioOhio has had the pleasure of visiting their Cleveland facility several times in the last two years, and the progression of growth and transformation is in direct line with their mission, which is nothing short of extraordinary. Located in a 4-story building on Carnegie Ave. in Midtown Cleveland, the atmostphere in the Abeona facility makes it clear you’re standing somewhere special, among a vibrant culture of people who are changing the standard of care and cures for the future. The R&D lab space, which was added to the fourth floor, equips scientists with the tools needed to develop therapies for rare pediatric diseases. The newly renovated third floor has been transformed into a high-tech biotech space for process development and manufacturing.

The picture above is one of the Process Development Laboratories at Abeona Therapeutics that serves as the ground floor for the development of both upstream and downstream processes for AAV-based gene therapies. The AAV vector generated in this lab starts in scalable suspension culture, in shake flasks, the DASGIP, and single-use bioreactors up to 40 L. For downstream purification, there are several different unit operations including clarification, TFF, and chromatography. Pictured is the AKTA Pure, one of the lab’s chromatography systems, utilized for small-scale vector capture and polishing.

In addition to being an engaged member of BioOhio since 2014, Abeona has been an avid supporter of the BioOhio event series, Diversity in Bioscience & Healthcare. During the 2019 series, Carolyn Odom, Director of Program Management, shared her journey of pursuing a career in biotech. Abeona also plans to engage with BioOhio again in 2020 on a mentoring-focused event as part of this year’s Diversity series, scheduled for September in partnership with BioEnterprise. Details will be posted to BioOhio’s events page.

Abeona Therapeutics has demonstrated strong growth, with a successful IPO in 2017 valued at $95M, a subsequent recaptialization of over $100M in 2019, and continued expansion in Ohio that is creating meaningful employment in northeast Ohio. Learn more at their website or on social media via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.