BioOhio Professional Service Partners

Like all bioscience-related companies, BioOhio has office operations that are best left to the experts. BioOhio is proud to partner with the following professional service providers so that we have more time to spend with our members. Our partners offer specialized expertise in the fields of talent, law, government affairs, human resources, insurance, digital media, and finances.

Listed Alphabetically

Brixey & Meyer is a full service, multi-industry accounting firm, offering traditional accounting services as well as state and local tax services, medical practice accounting, hospital and health systems services, CFO services and business advisory services. The firm’s health system experience includes strategic growth initiatives across numerous areas such as service lines, physician referral base development, joint ventures, business management, and revenue cycle issues to maximize efficiency and allow providers to focus on patient care.

G2G is a team of professionals with expertise in running government affairs, lobbying and advocacy campaigns as well as in securing government funding, policy reforms, regulatory changes and critical relationships in Congress and federal departments needed to influence the process and deliver results. We have the experience, contacts, work ethic and enthusiasm you need to navigate and excel in moving from Government to Growth (G2G).

IceMiller is built on a 100+ year foundation of legal service, with a diverse client base from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and from governmental entities to educational organizations and pension funds. In the non-profit sector, IceMiller’s experience includes work with charitable, fiduciary, educational, and governmental entities. The firm’s attorneys strive to develop a deep understanding of each client’s needs in order to help them build, grow and protect their most valued assets.

At Insperity, our business model is simple: We’re dedicated to helping businesses succeed by taking care of the things that could be distracting you from the bigger picture. We do this by helping you control expenses, minimize risk exposure and maximize your opportunities for revenue generation.

NuGrowth Digital is about the true marriage of marketing and sales.  NuGrowth Digital has its genesis as a sales organization, and was born out of a need to help business development representatives penetrate the market more quickly. Everything we do on a marketing front is about providing brand impressions that meet the high expectations and standards of our partners executive, marketing, & sales teams. We do this through a combination of careful strategy, strong content, beautiful & optimized websites and broad digital distribution methods – all backed by state-of-the-art systems.

Oswald Companies is a private insurance brokerage, offering risk management services for clients in many industries. Oswald’s services for life science clients are tailored for highly regulated industries, offering risk mitigation solutions for organizations in the medical device, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and research fields. The firm’s healthcare practice and life sciences teams work with clients to develop and implement insurance and risk management programs that address areas such as clinical trials liability, traditional risk-transfer programs, directors and officers liability, product liability and intellectual property.

ProcureSafe is redefining how buyers and suppliers work together. We believe that businesses succeed when they’re connected, collaborative, agile and data-driven. ProcureSafe is making the buying process easy. For the past nine years, our founders have helped businesses source and manage suppliers, manage Request for Quotes and negotiate favorable Contracts for hundreds of clients. The best practices as a supplier, and the best practice as a buyer in one comprehensive platform.

Skoda Minotti‘s CPAs, business and financial advisors can provide a wide range of services to the unique biotechnology industry. Our client experience includes working with both private and public companies from start-up to well-established. We understand the challenges your company may be facing with finding adequate capital investments or funding opportunities, dealing with increasing regulatory compliance requirements, satisfying investor demands or taking your product to market.

Taylor Strategy Partners

TSP helps make companies stronger. For nearly fifty years, our clients have trusted us to find the right teammates – and build the right teams – to help them achieve their talent acquisition goals.

 We’re all about the power of personal. It’s deliberate, intimate work relationships. It’s how we treat our clients in our partnerships. It’s how we treat our candidates when we talk to them about a new role that could take their career to the next level.

BioOhio represents its members as the Ohio affiliate of AdvaMed, BIO, MDMA, and PhRMA. For more information about our government affairs partners, visit our Government Relations page.