Government Relations

Throughout BioOhio’s 30+ year history, the organization has worked with local, state and federal agencies, officials and representatives to promote Ohio’s bioscience industry, BioOhio members, and the health and prosperity of Ohio.

BioOhio also proudly serves as the Ohio affiliate of national industry groups Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), Medical Device and Manufacturing Association (MDMA), and Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA).

BioOhio’s government relations partner at the federal level is G2G Consulting and The Credo Company at the state level.

If you would like to get involved or have questions about these issues, please contact a member of the BioOhio team.

Become an Advocate for Biotechnology

On the forefront of furthering lifesaving, landmark innovation, the biotechnology industry promises to continue to heal, fuel and feed the world. Learn about the key issues facing our biotechnology sectors, and how to get involved and share your biotechnology story with BIOAction.

Purpose of Advocacy, Government Relations and Public Policy: Educate, Engage, & Change

Public officials make decisions every day about funding, regulatory rulings, and a myriad of other policy initiatives that have substantial impact on Ohio’s bioscience community. The voice of Ohio’s bioscience community is a crucial component of that conversation. Legislators rely on industry leaders and constituents for on-the-ground, real-time understanding of the industry. An effective advocacy campaign can:
  • Educate elected officials – most are not industry experts and value constituent guidance
  • Influence regulations within executive agencies
  • Shape legislative process and policies – industry has the unique experiences and job-creating power that makes bioscience issues a top priority
  • Affect elections, polling, and the media – ensure support of decision-makers who champion constituents’ causes
  • Lead to active partnerships across the bioscience business community

Why Constituents Matter

One of the strongest guiding forces behind state and federal policy is the position of lawmakers’ constituents. Many lawmakers refer to their constituents as their boss. Individual voices matter because they have the power to influence representatives in the following ways:
  • Increase their credibility with the community
  • Employ other constituents
  • Help with fundraising and re-election efforts
  • Secure local media coverage to highlight activities in their district
  • Mark the district and the state of Ohio as nationwide leaders in advancements within the bioscience field
As individuals, or representatives of companies and organizations, constituents can engage with state and federal legislators, communicate with them on issues that impact their company or institution, educate these officials with facts versus opinions, and be part of the process to effect change.