October has been a productive month for Cleveland biopharmaceutical company Athersys, as the company has announced positive results on research related to its MultiStem product.

Earlier this week, Athersys presented new data that shows potential benefits from MultiStem intravenous administration after spinal cord injury. Their research was conducted in collaboration with scientists from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and with grant support from the Ohio Third Frontier.

On October 2, Athersys announced that an independent safety committee reviewed data from the first ischemic stroke patient cohorts of its Phase 2 study of MultiStem, finding that both of the doses evaluated were safe and well tolerated, and therefore, recommended proceeding with high dose administration to patients for the remainder of the trial.

A few days later, company presented new research results at the Second Midwest Conference on Stem Cell Biology & Therapy in Michigan that highlight the potential for MultiStem to treat multiple sclerosis.

An article authored by investigators from The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, together with scientists from Athersys, describes preclinical study results demonstrating that administration of MultiStem cells modulates the inflammatory environment that follows traumatic brain injury.

photo source: Cleveland Plain Dealer