BioOhio member Balance Innovation & Design, a Cleveland-based strategic design consultancy, has partnered with Front Porch Media Network to begin a podcast series Design Everywhere, a podcast centered around shifting the landscape of product and service design in the face of emerging technology. The podcast is hosted by Jonathan Morgan, Balance’s Director of Emerging Experiences, who has both professional and academic experience covering everything from ubiquitous computing and pervasive technology, to medical device and service design, to omnichannel retail strategy.

A little more about Balance and Front Porch

Balance Innovation & Design is a team of marketers, strategists, and product developers working to guide companies to strengthen their brands and their relationships with their customers. With products ranging from MOEN Waste Disposals to Ninja Kitchen Electronics to Purdy Prep Tools, Balance’s portfolio of work spans most industries and applications and is as extensive as the experience of the team behind the scenes.

Front Porch Media Network is a podcast network and production company for on-demand and broadcast programming. Based in Cleveland and led by a team of knowledgeable executives, The Front Porch People are committed to bringing premium content to people wherever they are. Their podcast production team brings conversation right to your home, gym, or car, and publishes original content about movies, comedy, classic literature and design.

“Design Everywhere” content

“Design Everywhere” has already released five 40 minute podcast episodes, covering a range of topics from simplicity in design, to prototyping, to the design theory behind ice-cream scoopers. The podcast is available for free on Soundcloud, where the podcast has already accumulated over 1600 listens in just over a month since the podcast was originally released, as well as on other various platforms such as iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, RSS, Pocket Casts, and OverCast.

To check out Design Everywhere’s most recent episode, click here: