BioOhio COVID-19 Activities

BioOhio Valuably Assisting Ohio’s Bioscience Industry and its Members

In accordance with Governor DeWine’s stayathome order, BioOhio’s office in Columbus is closed, but staff are fully operational at home officesBioOhio is not a state funded entity and is in operation solely thanks to the support of its members, and continues to be a strong and valuable organization during this uncertain time, including taking on the role as a connector and resource in the community working to fight the pandemic. Below are some of the ways BioOhio has been engaged with members, partners, and organizations around Ohio. 

COVID-19 Ohio Resources & News on

Visit for links to essential information, business guides, and updates on how Ohio is bridging the gap to provide vital medical supplies during this difficult time. BioOhio has gathered hundreds of uplifting stories of companies, organizations, and people coming together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in amazing ways. Bookmark to keep up with what’s happening in Ohio. Please send what your organization is doing to combat COVID-19 to 

Who is Manufacturing PPE in Ohio? Who can start?

Starting in February 2020, BioOhio began tracking companies in Ohio known to be working on responses to the novel coronavirusThe results were shared with Governor DeWine, Lt. Governor Husted, JobsOhio, and their regional partners. In the early stages of State efforts to identify suppliers of valuable personal protection equipment (PPE)BioOhio was brought in to research companies that were FDA-certified to produce needed medical supplies and equipment. 

As the coronavirus pandemic has unfolded, health care providers have sought help to source Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to enable health care workers to safely care for patients. At the same time, manufacturers including many BioOhio members have sought guidance on how they can retool or repurpose to contribute to the cause. In response to the COVID-19 challenges, The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association (OMA), Ohio Hospital Association (OHA), Ohio Manufacturing Extension Program (Ohio MEP), nursing homes, and JobsOhio have joined forces through the Ohio Manufacturing Alliance to fight COVID-19. Organizations like BioOhio have been brought in as subject matter experts to assist the coalition in their critical endeavor. Visit the Ohio Repurposing Project to learn more. 

Stay-at-Home Language

BioOhio is proud to note successful inclusion of language into the Ohio stay-at-home order that protected the ability of Ohio’s bioscience community to continue their essential activities. BioOhio worked non-stop through early March with our national partners AdvaMed, BIO, and PhRMA, and local organizations including The Ohio Chamber of Commerce and Ohio Manufacturing Association, to craft language intended to keep Ohio bioscience companies, their supply chain, and service providers identified as essential parts of the economy. 


Serving members is the core of BioOhio activities. Even though the office in Columbus is closed, BioOhio services continue and we have helped many during this pandemic. We are here as a resource to you, so please reach out to us with your questions or needs. Common threads in requests include: 

  • Connecting members to critical talent opportunities, professional services such as regulatory & legal affairs, much needed equipment and supplies, as well as guidance on how to operate and maintain essential operations 
  • Facilitating supplier/buyer connections for companies seeking to produce PPE, sanitizer, other critical goods services 
  • Connecting members to talent resources and hiring opportunities 
  • Connecting members to Ohio’s local, state, and federal officialsand likewise directing these offices to members that match their initiatives 
  • Enhancing visibility for member news, activities, and information webinars (visit and


As part of the community’s efforts to help flatten the curve of infection, BioOhio quickly shifted upcoming educational events and other programming to dates later in the year or changed them to be held as virtual experiencesBioOhio is actively monitoring the situation and determining how to move forward with events to ensure they meet the needs of members, while adhering to state guidelines regarding meetings and gatherings. Learn more at 


Being a non-partisan organization, BioOhio is in favor of policy that supports the biomedical industry in Ohio, and conversely, opposes those policies that inhibit growth of Ohio organizations and their research. What are your issues? Some that are currently being worked on with memberinclude: 

  • FDA pathways for COVID-19 therapies, PPE, research, etc. 
  • Biosimilars 
  • Access to Ohio Medicare and Medicaid 
  • HB469 Copay Accumulator Adjustment Policy
  • The BuyAmerican Act

Blending events and government relations, legislator roundtables have been added to BioOhio’s event agenda, with unique opportunities to connect State and Federal legislators with members who are their constituents. 

BioOhio’s government relations partners are The Credo Company at the State level and G2G Consulting at the Federal level. BioOhio is continuously engaging in conversations with representatives and officials at the State and Federal level about the hard work member organizations are doing to assist in combating COVID-19, as well as seeking funding for members research, manufacturing, and clinical trials. 

Thank you. Stay well.

Thank you for your contributions to Ohio’s bioscience community, and your support of BioOhio! We very much look forward to connecting with you again in-person as soon as we are able. We hope that you, your love ones, and teams are able to stay well through this crisis.