Bioscience Opportunities

Bioscience offers terrific career pathways, engaging work environments, competitive pay, and opportunities to work with products that help people, animals, and the environment.

In recent years, Ohio’s diverse bioscience industry has made great strides in forming, attracting, and growing companies. Ohio’s educational institutions have likewise offered world-class learning opportunities for students to get the skills they need to enter the bioscience workforce. These skilled individuals will continue to be integral to the growth of Ohio’s bioscience industry.

At any given time in Ohio there are open bioscience-related positions with companies from the medical device, pharmaceutical, research, laboratory services, manufacturing, agricultural biotechnology, and health IT sectors.

Use the “explore career” buttons below to read about the work done in different sectors of the bioscience economy. Profiles include testimonials from workers in the field, example salaries, tasks, and much more.

Research & Development

Regulatory & Quality Control

Product & Process Development

Pre-Clinical Safety Testing


Sales & Business Development

Clinical Trials


The following are suggested resources on you can use to learn about many organizations in Ohio that are working right now to build the right team.