Building on the energy of BioOhio’s inaugural Women in Bioscience Conference in 2015, BioOhio held several workshops around Ohio in 2016.

The second of these events was held in partnership with the Ohio chapter of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA), hosted by BioOhio member NEOMED with support from the REDIzone on September 22 in Northeast Ohio.

Elliot Reed, REDIzone’s program manager kicked off the event with an introduction of the program, formed to advance innovation and technology commercialization at NEOMED.

The main discussion topic of this workshop was Personal Branding: Focusing on your Leadership Strengths, led by Cindy Biggs, President of C. Biggs and Associates. Cindy opened with a quote from psychologist David Clifton, “What will happen when we think about what is right with people rather than fixating on what is wrong with them?”

This question led into a discussion based on the book Strengths Based Leadership by bestselling authors Tom Rath and Barry Conchie. Attendees learned about the four main themes of leadership: influencing, executing, strategic thinking, and relationship building. Cindy encouraged dialog among attendees by creating groups based on which theme attendees thought was their strongest. This led to a discussion on what they could do to improve these strengths even further.

The next portion of the event was a panel discussion on personal branding featuring speakers Stephanie Harrington (CEO, Matrix Medical Devices), Cynthia Kubu (Neuropsychologist, Cleveland Clinic), and Erica Lashley (Director of Operations, Charles River Labs – Ashland).

The discussion benefited from enthusiastic interaction with the attendees and panelists sharing personal stories about how following and believing in their strengths have led them to new opportunities in their careers. A common thread quickly surfaced, that knowing your strengths enables confidence, which allows you to be authentic.

“You grow into your role, but you don’t grow until you push yourself into an uncomfortable situation,” said Cynthia Kubu. The panel concluded with the advice to find your mission statement, be present in the moment, and don’t let fear hold you back.

BioOhio extends a big thank you to our partners HBA Ohio, NEOMED, and REDIzone, our speakers, and all attendees for making this a fantastic event! Join BioOhio this November in Columbus for the second annual Women in Bioscience Conference.

Speaker Insights

When applying for a job but wasn’t necessarily qualified– “I’ve got ambition. Pay attention to me.”

When asked if a boss was qualified for an opportunity – “Well my boss would be good, but I would be better.”

When a boss asked what the next step was after a promotion – “Well, your job of course.”