Heal Ohio

A Statewide Collaborative for the Wound Care Community


Join us November 7, 2019

Heal Ohio is committed to collaboration and education for the wound care community.

The Heal Ohio CollaborativeSM is a voluntary multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional collaborative dedicated to research, education, and commercialization activity focused on all aspects of wound healing and prevention to enhance patient care through formulation and testing of new diagnostic, drug, and therapeutic means and to increase outreach and educational opportunities in the Ohio community at large. It is a statewide collaborative that aims to unite scientists, healthcare professionals, and commercial partners who share a common vision and mission to solve problems associated with wound healing. In doing this, it will serve to bridge the gaps that exist between clinics, research, business, and patients.

Exacerbated by an aging population, chronic vascular disease and diabetes, chronic wounds affect millions of patients in the United States. The direct and indirect costs associated with chronic wound care place a significant burden on patients and society.

The Collaborative supports basic and clinical research, education activities, and commercialization initiatives in the area of wound healing. We foster translational research that results in better therapeutic modalities for wound care, which reaches the patient in the shortest amount of time. It is expected that this “quicker time to market” approach will be accomplished by creating various team relationships with other academic and industrial collaborators.


To create a state-wide wound care infrastructure that will have a short term, high impact likelihood of enabling economic growth, advancement in research and development, public health education and cost effective health care delivery.


  • Establish infrastructure resources to support creative approaches to improve synergy and collaborations among multi and interdisciplinary basic, translational, and clinical research teams, and create partnerships with industry and small business and venture capital.
  • Implement large scale research projects that are carried out using new and creative collaborative agreements, and accelerate new early and applied research on cutting-edge technology including preclinical and clinical testing with the goal of improved patient care.
  • Establish mechanisms for communication and education between and for all involved parties including Researchers, clinicians, students, residents, businesses and patients.

Founding Institutions

Akron Children's Hospital-200
Akron General-200
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Supporting Members

Akron Development Corporation


Center for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine (Case Western Reserve University)

Clinical Tissue Engineering Center (Cleveland Clinic)

Center for Regenerative Medicine (The Ohio State University)

The REDIzone (NEOMED Life Sciences Incubator)

Heal Ohio Wound Care Conference History

2017 – With over 180 in attendance and 33 speakers, this year’s conference was devoted to health professional presentations and featured informative learning sessions and keynote addresses. Activities provided an atmosphere rich in collaboration and networking for both career and research advancement. The event was approved for 9 CME credits. View the 2017 conference agenda and access speaker profiles via this link.

2016 – Showcasing Global Emerging Concepts in Wound Healing:  170 in attendance, 38 speakers, 10 poster presenters. Keynote speakers included Greg Schultz and Eliot Mostow Lecture topics included patient testimony, a clinical track, and a scientific track.

2013 – Hands-on Training

2011 – Showcasing Global Emerging Concepts

2010 – Showcasing Wound Care Collaborations

2009 – Showcasing Emerging Wound Care Technologies and Treatments

2008 – Showcasing Wound Care Competencies

Heal Ohio 2016 posters photo-500
Heal Ohio Student Award
Heal Ohio 2016 group photo-500
Heal Ohio Richard Schlanger -500
Top Left: poster presentations at the 2016 conference
Top Right: speakers from the 2016 conference
Bottom Left: Chloe Tennant, sophomore BME student, with Bob Anthony, Heal Ohio Executive Board member, was one of two winners of the student poster competition at the 2016 Heal Ohio Conference.
Bottom Right: Dr. Richard Schlanger from The Ohio State University presenting his talk on the use of hyperbaric oxygen for wound care.