Annual Conference 2015

BioOhio Annual Conference – October 26, 2015

Since 1988, BioOhio has held an Annual Conference to spotlight trends in Ohio’s growing bioscience industry. Annual Conferences offer content from dynamic speakers and excellent networking. BioOhio brings Ohio’s bioscience community together to explore new opportunities and discoveries in research, tech licensing, financing, business development, partnerships, workforce & education, regulatory, advocacy and membership benefits.

AC2014 Central AC1 Room2015’s conference took place Monday, October 26 at the Global Center for Health Innovation in partnership with the Cleveland Clinic Innovation Summit, which this year focusee on neuroscience, and the Cavendish Global Impact Summit.

Thank you to all of our attendees, speakers, sponsors and supporters for making the 2015 Annual Conference an enjoyable event. Visit the Past Events area of this website for more information on past Annual Conferences.

2015 Agenda Topics

Financing via Family Offices & Foundations

This panel, led by Cavendish Global, focused on a growing financing option via family offices and foundations. A family office is a private company that manages investments and trusts for a single family, such as the Rockefeller Foundation, Helmsley Trust and so many more. This evolving source of funding is becoming much more active in early stage bioscience related financing.

Wearables, Flexible Electronics & Digital Health

Do you think wearable technology is a fad or the future? This panel discussed this hotly debated and hyperly fast growing industry, what it means for health and wellness and who has access to all this data?

Talent, Training and Millennials

The #1 issue affecting growth of any company is finding the right talent, and then these employees need ongoing skills and often leadership training. This panel addressed finding talent, training talent and how best to integrate millennials in the workplace.

CEO Success Stories

Success in bioscience relies on making decisions that respond intelligently to challenges that are unique to our industry – and the rules are changing every day. We heard from different executives about successful strategies that resulted in raising money, sales growth, an exit, an expansion and more.

3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing, Design & Prototyping

Additive manufacturing and 3D printing have changed the way we think about designing, prototyping and ultimately creating products. This panel discussed how these fields are impacting the bioscience industry.