Medical Cannabis in the Buckeye State

Medical marijuana/cannabis is now legal in Ohio, and there are many misconceptions and unknowns, especially about how patients will use it.

Ohio law prohibits use by smoking or combustion. It permits the use of oils, tinctures, plant material, edibles, vaporization, and patches. These options allow for new methods and products to be made, as well as a return to traditional practices dating back a century or more.

This inaugural event hosted by BioOhio, is meant to educate about what the medical cannabis industry will look like in Ohio and showcase many Ohio players already active across the world.  If you’re already in the industry you should attend to network with others and raise your visibility. If you’re new to the field, you should come to learn and get connected.

Join us in Cleveland, June 18, for a day of comprehensive education about medical cannabis in the Buckeye State, as well as networking with clinical experts, healthcare providers, patients, professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors, all engaged in the medical cannabis industry.

Registration opens at 8am, content begins at 9am, with a networking lunch to conclude the event at 1pm.

Agenda & Tech Showcase

Medical Cannabis Tech Showcase

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8:00 am – Registration, Breakfast, Networking & Tech Showcase

9:00 – Introduction & Opening Remarks from John F. Lewis, Jr., President & CEO, BioOhio

9:10 – An Education on the History of Cannabis and its Medicinal Uses

As an attorney and visionary entrepreneur, DonE is known as a pioneer in the industrial hemp and medical cannabis industries. For decades, he has remained a devoted collector of cannabis history including its mainstream use in American pharmacies before 1937. DonE’s current project is the establishment of The Cannabis Museum and Guesthouse.

Fireside Chats

Two one-on-one conversations with industry experts will address a multitude of fascinating topics including the history of medical cannabis, its uses, as well as enforcement of current laws and their impact on Ohioans.

9:40 –  First conversation moderated by Robert J. Kovey, Managing Partner, The Credo Company; Director of Government Relations, Signet

10:10 – Second conversation moderated by Jonathan Cachat, Ph.D., Director of Laboratory Sciences Program, Medical Cannabis Testing Lab, Hocking College; President & CEO, CCV Research

10:35 – Patient & Physician Perspective

  • Eva Costa, RN, Founder, Giving Earth Nutraceuticals

Eva Costa earned her nursing degree with the goal of being a holistic nurse, and helping patients achieve wellness through integrative, complementary, and adjuvant approaches to healing. Currently, she works as an oncology nurse and is the founder of Giving Earth Nutraceuticals.

11:05 – Networking Break & Tech Showcase

11:20 – Ohio Cannabis Legal and Financial Impact & Update

Where we started and where we are today. Understanding the legal, financial, and practical issues surrounding medical cannabis has been a challenging task, but clarity is coming as the process moves forward. Cannabis was considered a legal medicine in the U.S. from 1850 through the 1930’s, when President Roosevelt enacted the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, which made the prescription of cannabis illegal. A lot has changed. Today medical marijuana is legal in 29 states and Washington, DC. This powerhouse panel will address Ohio’s current landscape.

12:10 – Cultivator, Processor & Dispensary Operations

What does a cultivator, processor, and dispensary look like and what is the operational model? These modern cannabis-related facilities are a hybrid of traditional agriculture, state-of-the-art laboratories, data centers, and clean rooms infused with modern consumer retail principles.

1:00 – Networking Lunch &  Tech Showcase