BioOhio Government Relations Partner

BioOhio’s partner in government relations activities is member firm G2G.

G2G provides comprehensive government affairs, public relations, and economic development services for businesses and non-profits – taking all actions necessary to go from Government to Growth. G2G has raised $277 million in non-dilutive funding, written policy and regulatory proposals, managed client positioning with key decision-makers in government, and organized numerous Statehouse Days, coalitions and events for clients.

G2G was founded by Liz Powell, an attorney who has two decades of experience in government affairs from serving as Legislative Director for Members of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., attorney, political campaign organizer and national lobbyist. She has built a team of bipartisan professionals who focus on the federal, state and local levels of government and have a proven track record in delivering quantifiable results that meet clients’ needs.

G2G has three offices located on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., in the center of the biosciences corridor in the BioEnterprise Building in Cleveland and on Capitol Square in Columbus. With our experience in running government affairs operations for numerous bioscience companies, incubators as well as non-profit organizations and national associations that span the country, we are well-positioned to work with elected officials and agencies to maximize government opportunities for growth.

Visit G2G’s events and updates page for information on policy, funding opportunities, webinars, and more.

Past Projects

Case Study Brief: Funding Bioscience Company's R&D

Goal: Obtain federal funding for cellular therapy research to accelerate wound healing.


  • Developed a multi-state strategy for working with DoD and Congress and tied medical R&D to job growth in each state
  • Provided introductions to Members of Congress, committees of jurisdiction and the Department of Defense and BARDA, developed relationships, and garnered funds from inserting language in legislation and from program managers
  • Leveraged relationships to access DARPA contract and insert language in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)
  • Organized tours, demonstrations and media events with Members of Congress and Governor
  • Introduced to BARDA Industry Days and targeted division chiefs and program managers
  • $11.3 Million in FY2008-10
  • $3 Million in FY2012 in NDAA
  • $20 Million in FY2013-14 from BARDA and ability to reach $100 Million over 5 years
Case Study Brief: Defense Grant Secured

Goal: Obtain funding from the Department of Defense.


  • Identified the Rapid Innovation Fund opportunity that matched the company’s expertise
  • Coached through the process and edited pre-proposal application submitted
  • Maintained communications with DoD program managers
  • 1 of 28 invited to submit full proposal application and awarded funds out of 1,034 submissions
  • $3 Million over 3 years
Case Study Brief: Creating a Federal Waiver for a Company's Product

Goal:  Change the Veterans Affairs regulation that excluded the company’s product from being purchased by VAMCs.


  • Created a succinct, easy-to-follow explanation of the company’s product, how the regulation blocked it, and why it needed to be changed in order to benefit veterans
  • Coached CEO through the process and prepped him for meetings with the Veterans Affairs Committees in the House and Senate, Members of Congress, and senior level meetings within the Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Maintained constant communications with both Congressional and agency contacts throughout the process to educate, answer questions, position the client, and ultimately overcome the existing challenge
  • Secured a waiver for the company’s product so individual VAMCs could purchase its product

Liz Powell, Esq., MPH, founded G2G in 2007. Liz is an attorney and former Legislative Director on Capitol Hill and former campaign staff for congressional and presidential campaigns. With her 20 years of experience, she leads a team of bipartisan professionals on the federal, state and local levels of government and has raised over $277M for clients and organized comprehensive advocacy campaigns.

View more case studies, learn more about other team members, and get connected with G2G at G2G’s website, and on twitter at @G2GConsulting.