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Insights for Ohio’s Bioscience Community

BioOhio provides members with valuable industry information and a venue for increased awareness and visibility.

BioOhio has long been a go-to source for data on the bioscience industry in our State. Data includes statewide and regional analysis of bioscience employment, wages, new company growth, acquisitions, private investment, research funding, bioscience-related graduation rates, and much more.

While much of this data is summarized and published in The Ohio Bioscience Report, BioOhio members have access to additional details and materials not otherwise released.

News from members receives special highlights among industry stories on and is often featured in blog posts, tweets and other social media outlets. Members also receive visibility in BioOhio publications such as The Ohio Bioscience Report, the Ohio Bioscience Resource Directory, member list, newsletters, and other materials. Members have the opportunity to speak at, volunteer at, or host events at their facilities as well as be visible through contributions to policy letters and reports.

Industry News and Reports

The Ohio Bioscience News page on is the state’s best source for bioscience current events. Stories are gathered from a wide range of state and national news outlets, member and non-member companies, educational and research organizations, and more.

BioOhio also publishes The Ohio Bioscience Report, which presents facts and background that illustrates the strengths and assets of Ohio’s bioscience industry. The comprehensive scope of this report makes it an essential tool for Ohio’s bioscience business leaders, educators, and economic development professionals, and serves as a benchmark for local, state, and federal lawmakers. This report is also a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about bioscience.

Industry Intelligence

Members have access to bioscience focused industry data researched and analyzed by BioOhio including: economic impact statistics, investment tracking, educational program details & stats, grant funding figures, and more.

Member Contributions

BioOhio includes members as subject matter experts to add insights, quotes, data, and context to The Ohio Bioscience Report.

Helping to Share Your News

Member events, news, superlatives, and programs are highlighted on as well as via sharing through the BioOhio newsletter and social media. Visit’s Ohio Bioscience News and Events Calendar pages to see examples of member activities.

Member Photos

In an effort to showcase real products and people from Ohio’s bioscience community, all photos used in The Ohio Bioscience Report are contributed by member companies.

The Ohio Bioscience Resource Directory

Launched in 1988, the Ohio Bioscience Resource Directory is the most comprehensive collection of Ohio bioscience companies, organizations, research centers, suppliers and service providers. First published with only 170 entries, the Directory now features thousands of Ohio entities.

The Directory profiles bioscience firms, large and small, well-known to newborn, in areas that include medical devices, pharmaceuticals & therapeutics, agbiotech, R&D, health & life science IT, and lab services. With a robust scope that also includes bio-focused professional services and educational resources, the Directory is a single source for information on Ohio’s bioscience landscape.

Put your Company on Top

Support from members has made it possible to provide this valuable tool as a free online resource to anyone interested in finding Ohio based companies and organizations. To reflect that support, BioOhio member companies are highlighted with Ohio icons, and their profiles are prioritized in user search results.

Customized Reports

Members can receive customized reports based on BioOhio data and company information contained in the Ohio Bioscience Resource Directory. These reports are valuable for market research, client prospecting, partnership building, economic development, program outreach, etc. As in the Directory, data in these reports includes member and non-member companies. Member companies are highlighted to increase visibility and encourage member-to-member partnerships.

Increase your Visibility

BioOhio offers members a venue for increased publicity within Ohio and beyond. We regularly post news, press releases, and events from our members in the Blog & News and Events Calendar sections of our website. All members are included in our website’s member list with links to their website, and we also give members the opportunity to speak at, volunteer at, or host events at their facilities.

Membership List

All members are included in the member list presented online at with hyperlinks to member websites. The member list is also presented in printed materials such as the Ohio Bioscience Report, membership materials, and other marketing collateral.

Member Photos

Member companies are promoted via member supplied photos used as visuals on, in social media, and in printed materials such as the Ohio Bioscience Report, membership materials, and other marketing collateral.

Connect with new Students and Partners

Member schools can use the BioOhio network to connect with new partners, students, and resources. Gain visibility for your school’s programs, majors, facilities, and unique capabilities, while also making valuable connections to companies that could provide much needed equipment or volunteering assistance.

Find new Opportunities

Use the BioOhio network to increase promotion of your unique capabilities available for use by fellow organizations, private companies, and individuals.


Members feature prominently in BioOhio’s monthly newsletter, sent to members and non-members with a global audience

Be More Visible

BioOhio can discuss with members ways to increase visibility for their business, products, and programs.

Review your Materials

BioOhio can offer experienced, unbiased guidance, proofreading, and other suggestions related to members’ content such as marketing materials, presentations, websites, logos, and other collateral.