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Membership in BioOhio is attainable at various levels, designed to encourage participation from the largest organizations to the budding entrepreneur. Membership is valid for one year and is tax deductible!

Membership Categories and Dues

Core Members

Companies and organizations that are the core of the Ohio bioscience industry, working in fields that include biotechnology, medical device and equipment, pharmaceuticals and therapeutics, contract research (clinical and pre-clinical trials, trial data management), agricultural biotechnology, laboratories and testing services, contract manufacturers and suppliers, product development / drug discovery firms (including contract research and engineering), medical product distribution companies, and health and life science IT (medical records, R&D, wellness, revenue cycle).

Ohio Employees:

  • 1 – 10: $350
  • 11 – 49: $700
  • 50 – 149: $1,350
  • 150 – 499:  $2,200
  • 500 – 1,499: $3,500
  • 1,500 or more: $5,500

Associate Members

Companies and organizations that provide critical professional services to Ohio’s bioscience industry, including:  consulting, law, insurance, marketing, VC and investment firms, financial services, real estate, site selection, service IT providers, as well as community partners such as city chambers, economic development, and associations.

  • Sole proprietor: $450
  • 2 – 10 employees: $600
  • 11 – 24: $800
  • 25 – 49: $1,500
  • 50 – 149: $2,750
  • 150 – 499: $4,000
  • 500 or more: $5,000

Universities, Colleges, Research Institutions and Hospitals

Institutions and organizations involved with bioscience research and development, care delivery, and education.

Ohio Employees:

  • 1 – 999: $1,000
  • 1,000 – 1,749: $2,000
  • 1,750 – 2,499: $3,000  
  • 2,500 – 4,999: $4,500 
  • 5,000 or more: $7,500

Patient Advocacy Organizations, Academic Societies, K-12 Schools

BioOhio offers special membership rates to patient advocacy groups, K-12 schools, and student-based academic organizations at a flat $150 per year. K-12 includes primary and secondary schools (elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as career centers) but does not include post-secondary schools, such as universities and community colleges (see Institutional Memberships).

Individual Members

BioOhio membership is also available to individuals and students.

  • Student: $30  
  • Individual:  $250

Leadership Members

Organizations that recognize the importance of a strong bioscience industry in Ohio can offer special support for BioOhio with additional funds to exhibit their role as an Ohio bioscience leader. Leadership Members qualify for significant extra benefits including website and event branding. Leadership upgrades are available to Core Members for an additional $2,500 and Associate Members for $3,500.

Out of State Members

For companies that do not have a facility in Ohio, there is an additional $300 out-of-state fee.

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    BioOhio is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. As such, membership fees provided to BioOhio are tax deductible. Always consult your tax advisor for proper treatment.