Columbus-based Nanofiber Solutions recently completed an expansion of its manufacturing facility to support customer demand for 3-D cell culture products and lifesaving medical implants.

Company officials say that the new automated facility is generating immediate cost and efficiency benefits, allowing for larger product volume and lower prices for customers.

Nanofiber Solutions was founded by John Lannutti and Jed Johnson in April of 2009 as an extension of Johnson’s doctoral research at The Ohio State University. The company’s 3-dimensional polymer nanofiber substrate provides researchers with more biologically realistic cell culture than conventional flat (2-D) polystyrene. This nanofiber technology is applied to standard sized multiwell plates, which allows high-throughput testing and live cell imaging previously possible only in specialized labs.

Nanofiber Solutions also builds nanofiber regenerative medicine scaffolds that mimic the body’s physical structure and allow for a more successful seeding, growth and differentiation of stem cells.