BioOhio introduces integrated “Talent Lifecycle” services for Ohio bioscience organizations

September 18, 2013

Talent Acquisition and Retention, Human Resource Management, and Training seen as critical success factors for Ohio’s bioscience & pharmaceutical organizations.

(COLUMBUS, OH) BioOhio, Ohio’s bioscience industry association, recently engaged a large sampling of its over 400 members to study their most critical needs. The research results, according to John F. Lewis, President and CEO of BioOhio, are quite conclusive.

“Talent, in all its forms and with all its implications, is the overwhelming factor that impacts the success of a biomedical company,” Lewis said. “Universally, we hear the success our members have in attracting, onboarding, retaining, managing, and training bioscience talent directly correlates to the organization’s overall success.”

In response to this member input, BioOhio sought visionary partners to deliver solutions that address the unique needs of the various stages in what is called the “Talent Lifecycle.” In much the same way that BioOhio serves as the industry voice of its members, these partners will speak to Ohio bioscience companies with programs that deliver a clear, competitive advantage. When requested by BioOhio members, these partners will deliver comprehensive talent needs-assessment, talent sourcing, assimilation of talent into an integrated HR/benefits system, and assist in retaining talent via strategies for both skills training and leadership development.

The first BioOhio partner announced is the Center for Professional Innovation and Education (CfPIE), a global leader in pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device training for the life sciences industry. CfPIE’s training portfolio is substantial, with more than 350 class sessions annually across 71 course titles. Multiple learning formats—classroom courses, customized on-site presentations, and certification programs—provide individuals and companies with versatile choices for improving personal skills, maintaining regulatory compliance, and advancing career opportunities.

Small class size and directors active in the life science industry are the hallmark of CfPIE’s learning philosophy. The goal is to create a dynamic learning environment with strong student-teacher interaction. All courses and certification programs offered by CfPIE are extended to BioOhio members under special terms through this recently signed partnership.

“We are passionate about accelerating opportunities for Ohio’s bioscience industry, research, and education in Ohio. Our partnership with CfPIE provides the benefits of a leading training resource at an attractive value to our members,” said Lewis.

The comprehensive pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device training curriculum includes:

  • cGMP Quality Principles for Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals, Biologics and Medical Devices
  • CMC Regulatory Compliance for Biopharmaceuticals and Biologics
  • Preparation of FDA Submission and Communicating with the FDA
  • Comprehensive overview of FDA Regulatory Compliance

Additionally, flexible certification programs are available to enable individuals to tailor qualifying courses of study while enhancing professional credibility.

“CfPIE is pleased to extend our training benefits to facilitate the advancement of life sciences professionals throughout Ohio,” says Mark Mazzie, Managing Director of CfPIE. “Our education allows for improvement of day-to-day productivity, enhances long-term career prospects, and provides cross-discipline exposure. Opportunities for scientific, administrative, FDA regulatory compliance, and marketing needs are available at every level of experience.”

The second BioOhio Talent Lifecycle partner is Sequent, a leading technology-based consulting and outsourcing company specializing in Human Resource-based services that include:

  • Life Cycle Management
  • Payrolling
  • Legal Compliance including Worker Compensation
  • Policy Development
  • Healthcare
  • Benefits & Retirement Plans

For nearly 20 years Sequent has helped companies improve corporate performance through the integration of people, process, and technology. Sequent’s hosted Payroll/Human Resources Management System (HRMS) provides the necessary tools to manage every aspect of the employee life cycle from a centralized place, reducing or eliminating the need for separate spreadsheets, databases or paper systems spread across multiple departments.

Sequent has employed a similar, integrated approach to the management of employee health care benefits. A comprehensive and customized package of benefits made available by Sequent eliminates the administrative burden and most compliance issues for subscribing companies, particularly as they pertain to the Affordable Care Act.

“Sequent is excited by its partnership with BioOhio,” said Bill Hutter, Founder and CEO of Sequent. “Collectively, we will enhance the ability of biotech, technology and manufacturing companies to attract and retain top talent, reduce risk and create greater certainty for these emerging businesses.”

Hutter added, “This service approach creates a competitive advantage for BioOhio members by providing a cost-effective and comprehensive HR experience, along with flexible health care options.”

According to Lewis, BioOhio will continue the roll out of Talent Lifecycle services with the announcement of additional programs, including Talent Acquisition and Leadership Training, before the end of the year. The result will be a full-service offering to manage the complete Employee Lifecycle.

More details about the programs are available at the BioOhio website: |

Founded in 1987, BioOhio is a non-profit membership organization that builds and accelerates bioscience industry, research, and education in Ohio. As a trade association with 430 members, BioOhio is the lead organization for the Ohio bioscience community and is the Ohio affiliate for global bioscience industry organizations including BIO, AdvaMed, PhRMA and MDMA.

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