BioOhio member ImageIQ, Inc., announced that it will partner with the National Center for Regenerative Medicine at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Clinic and the Cleveland Cord Blood Center (CCBC) to develop customized image acquisition and analysis software as part of a three-year project through an Ohio Third Frontier Program grant. The software, initially developed in conjunction with researchers at Cleveland Clinic, will be custom-tailored by ImageIQ to extract specific stem cell performance measurements for assessing whether or not a cord blood unit should be banked and cryopreserved for future clinical use.

The use of umbilical cord blood stem cells as a starting material for stem cell research and therapies has steadily increased over the past decade.

“As the Cleveland Cord Blood Center continues to expand its collection region and as cord blood emerges as a go-to source of material for stem cell transplantations and other therapeutic applications, the need for reliable quantitative quality assessments prior to banking a cord blood unit will be monumental to keeping costs low enough to enable the proliferation and long-term sustainability of the cord blood banking model,” said Mary Laughlin, M.D., Professor of Medicine at the University of Virginia, and Founder and Medical Director of CCBC.

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