Since the news broke in late January that Intel had chosen Ohio for the site of what may grow to become the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturing facility, with 3,000 workers and a $20 billion investment to make it happen, the state and nation have been buzzing about what this means for Ohio, jobs, R&D, and our economy. I’m thrilled as well! The impact on our state’s economic future is hard to predict, but there is no doubt it will be astounding.

In the life science and biotech sector, we’re especially interested in the downstream benefits: 10,000 related jobs and 7,000 construction jobs, and another potential $100 billion investment. Bioscience companies will certainly benefit from the onshoring of silicon microchips. Whether used in the computers performing processing-intense research or housed in new medical devices, this local access stands to push life science research and health solutions in the U.S. – and in Ohio — farther and faster.

Reputationally, the Intel announcement also lays the groundwork for Ohio to become a destination for innovative organizations and people of all stripes, including leading bioscience firms. I’m incredibly excited for the potential benefits to our skilled workforce pipeline, as Intel has pledged $100 million, kickstarting partnerships with Ohio universities and community colleges to drive advanced research, skilled tech know-how and new innovation capacity across the state.

This is a win that should make our economic developers and our residents very proud, but we all know our state won’t stop there. And I hope you also know that BioOhio won’t stop until Ohio is consistently part of the national biosciences conversation about jobs, investment, R&D, and becoming a destination for growing companies in our industry looking for a new home.

I look forward to that growth, and to seeing what biosciences in Ohio will achieve!

Eddie Pauline
President & CEO