The Ohio Bioscience Report

The Ohio Bioscience Report, November 2021 Edition

On behalf of BioOhio, our Board of Trustees, and our members, thank you for your support and interest in Ohio’s bioscience industry. 2021 marks BioOhio’s 34th anniversary as the state’s bioscience organization and a reliable, objective source of information centered on the bioscience community in Ohio.

The Ohio Bioscience Report is published by BioOhio to inform the public on the progress of Ohio’s bioscience industry, research endeavors, and the community at large within the six core fields of bioscience and critical contributors to the industry, at a statewide level and across Ohio’s six regions.

The comprehensive scope of this report makes it an essential tool for Ohio’s bioscience business leaders, educators, and economic development professionals and serves as a benchmark for local, state, and federal lawmakers. This report is also a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about bioscience. The following are key findings with links to download the 2021 Report and a 2-page summary.

Core Subsectors

  • Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Medical & Testing Labs
  • Medical Devices & Equipment
  • Medical Product Distribution
  • Pharmaceuticals & Therapeutics
  • Research & Development
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Critical Contributors

  • Bioscience Education Institutions
  • Contract Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Health and Medical Insurance Carriers
  • Health IT Companies
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Professional Service Providers
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Bioscience Companies

Bioscience Locations

Bioscience Employees

Average Wage

Billion, Annual Payroll

• 83 of 88 Ohio Counties are home to Bioscience Organizations

In Ohio, 4,262 bioscience-related firms operate at 5,124 locations, employing 83,693 staff earning an average annual wage of $84,600, generating $7.1 billion in annual payroll.

Bioscience companies range from the large and well known such as Abbott, Athersys, Battelle, Cardinal Health, Johnson & Johnson, and Midmark, to emergent bioscience organizations representing the future of Ohio’s bioscience industry, such as Andelyn Biosciences, Enable Injections, and Forge Biologics.


• $3.3 Billion in 2020 from Public & Private Funding including venture capital, exits, federal research grants, and state initiatives.

BioOhio analysis indicates that 57 Ohio bioscience-related companies announced $769 million in private investment in 2020, the highest amount recorded since BioOhio began tracking deals in 2004. Exit activity in the state, acquisitions & stock offerings, remained strong in 2020, totaling $1.4 billion.

In 2020, $997 million was awarded to Ohio institutions and companies by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Biological Sciences awarded $86 million in grants.

• Bioscience in Ohio’s Six Regions

The bioscience industry’s economic impact is felt throughout the state, and all six Ohio regions have experienced growth while playing a role in advancing critical discoveries.

Anchored by Cleveland and Akron, northeast Ohio led the state in the number of bioscience locations with 1,453, 28% of the statewide total. The central and southwest regions followed with 922 (18%) and 750 (15%), respectively. Other regions are well represented by 432 locations in western Ohio, 256 in northwest Ohio, and 178 in southeast Ohio. In terms of employees, northeast and central Ohio are closely aligned at 29% and 26% of the statewide total. Southwest Ohio led the remaining regions with 13,834 employees (17%).

• 2019 Bioscience Expansions:  4,474 Projected New Jobs, $757M Planned Investment

Bioscience companies continue to expand operations and announce new facilities in the state, with 40 projects announced in 2019, projecting the creation of 4,474 jobs and over $757 million in capital investment. AmerisourceBergen, AtriCure, Camargo Pharmaceutical Services, Charles River Laboratories, Formlabs Ohio, Hitachi Healthcare Americas, McKesson, Stirling Ultracold, and Tosoh USA are all among the many companies growing in Ohio.

Ohio economic development organizations, including the JobsOhio network and the Ohio Development Services Agency, have identified bioscience as one of the state’s key industries. Prioritized support is available for bioscience companies planning to expand existing operations in Ohio, and for those entering Ohio from other states and countries. See the report for more on economic development activities and resources in Ohio.


• 11,997 Bioscience Degrees & Certificates Awarded in 2018

A skilled workforce is integral to the growth of Ohio’s bioscience industry. Ohio’s technical career centers and two-year, four-year, graduate, and advanced degree programs build on the foundation set by K-12 schools to deliver a workforce pipeline necessary to staff growing bioscience businesses.

Bioscience education continues to thrive in Ohio. In 2018, 11,997 bioscience-related degrees and certificates were awarded to students in Ohio, an increase of 77% since 2006. The number of schools with bioscience-related programs has also increased, from 79 in 2006 to over 90 public and private schools furthering the capabilities of Ohio’s talented workforce in 2018.

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