Cleveland’s Renovo Neural already was carving out a niche in the world of multiple sclerosis research. Now company leaders think they have a technology that will deliver a larger slice of the neuroscience research market.

A spinoff of the Cleveland Clinic, Renovo Neural’s current focus is providing remyelination assays that can cut months and years from MS drug development. The company completed their first commercial client project earlier in the year and currently are negotiating several additional projects.

With recently purchased equipment and additional lab space in the Global Cardiovascular Innovation Center, Renovo Neural has launched a 3D electron microscopy (3D-EM) service line. The company has developed 3D-EM assays to help researchers understand several important measures that may impact the development of neural therapies and biological research in general.

Renovo Neural Founder Dr. Bruce Trapp and Scientific Advisor Dr. Grahame Kidd have over 20 years of expertise in electron microscopy. Some of the pair’s recent work prompted Renovo Neural to gauge market potential for 3D-EM services through focus group discussions, interactions with potential clients, and observations at national and international scientific meetings.

“The feedback confirmed our belief that 3D-EM will revolutionize sub-cellular analysis and is poised for rapid growth in basic, translational and diagnostic medical sciences,” said Satish Medicetty, Renovo Neural’s president.

According to Medicetty, Renovo Neural currently is the only commercial 3D-EM service provider in the United States. The only other Gatan 3View-SEM machines in the U.S. are both located at non-profit academic centers, which often restrict usage to faculty and collaborators. Initially, Renovo Neural will market the new service platform to neuroscience researchers and to other researchers requiring custom biological services.

Based on projections and marketing plans, Medicetty expects to have 12 employees in Renovo Neural’s 3D-EM nanohistology department by 2014. Current staff includes seven full-time employees and two consulting employees.