Entry-Level Talent Assessments

BioOhio and TSP have developed an Entry-Level Talent Assessment to help members answer critical hiring questions.

  • How can I learn more about my entry-level candidates so I make better hiring decisions?
  • How can my hiring process be more efficient by interviewing only top talent?
  • How does my workforce compare to my competitors?
  • Who are my high-performers vs. low performers?

Our efforts will be focused on the development of an assessment system designed to measure the critical knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics (KSAPCs) required for success in entry-level roles within bioscience manufacturing in Ohio.

We have developed an Entry-Level Talent Assessment designed to measure key core competencies that is time-effective and scalable in key, high volume positions in areas such as production, packaging, distribution, and laboratory.

How Does This Help Your Company?

  • It will obtain objective measurement of a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses prior to interviewing them
  • It will benchmark candidates and your current employees against successful employees in the industry in Ohio

This is an element that is unique in the country and both TSP and BioOhio are extremely excited about.

Sample Individual Report

Entry Level Testing Sample Art

We Have 12 Development Partners - But We Need More!

We are building this solution from the ground up because we want this tool to reflect the unique needs of the life science industry in the state. As a result, we need partners to help us develop this solution and the testing done with partner employees is free!

Benefits of Being a Development Partner

  • Influence on what key characteristics are measured by the Talent Assessment
  • Preferred pricing on test usage
  • Executive Debrief on results, identifying current talent in the organization and benchmarking

What We Need From You

  • A cross-section of 50+ current employees to complete the Development Version of the Entry-Level Talent Assessment (approximately 45 minutes to complete online)
  • Front-line managers complete a performance survey for each employee (approximately 5 minutes per employee)