Talent Solutions


Whether we’re hiring a scientist to work on a cancer drug, coaching an executive to be a more effective leader, or assessing why a company has a high volume of turnover, everything we do for healthcare and life sciences companies is about the people, because it’s the people who grow your business.

For nearly half a century Taylor Strategy Partners has had a history of excellence in the people business. We have grown to accommodate our clients’ needs and are proud to be a leader in the healthcare and life science industries.

The talent landscape continues to change. Are you ready?

Below you will find details on three unique services that BioOhio and TSP offer exclusively to BioOhio members.

Entry-Level Talent Assessments

BioOhio, in partnership with TSP, has developed an entry-level talent assessment designed to measure key core competencies (e.g., work ethic, teamwork, attention to detail, achievement orientation) that is time-effective and scalable in key, high volume positions in areas such as production, packaging, distribution, and laboratory.

How does this help your company?

  • It will obtain objective measurement of a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses prior to interviewing them
  • It will benchmark candidates and your current employees against successful employees in the industry in Ohio

This is an element that is unique in the country and both TSP and BioOhio are extremely excited about.

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BioOhio Talent Acquisition Center

The BioOhio Talent Acquisition Center (BTAC) is comprised of an Ohio based talent acquisition team with specific experience in bio recruiting and staffing. The team leverages key tools to proactively identify, screen and recruit top talent for specific roles on a per requisition basis.

This unique offering and pricing model is available exclusively to BioOhio Members and provides access to bio-specific talent acquisition services in a pricing model significantly lower than traditional third-party staffing firms.

Program Highlights and Outline

Program Highlights:

  • Offers BioOhio members immediate access to proven talent acquisition resources
  • BTAC scales to an organization’s needs–one “difficult to find” skill set requisition or team build-out with multiple hires
  • SMaRT Reports track talent data and activity

Program Outline:

  • Scalable, dedicated recruiting resources based on need
  • Custom built assessment of common core competencies available
  • One point of contact to streamline communication
  • Weekly updates, including SMaRT report and brief written presentation of profiled candidates with resumes (the frequency of updates can be adjusted as needed)
  • Assistance in scheduling/follow-up with interviews, reference checks, and requisition closure as needed

Flexible, Interim, and Temporary

The BioOhio Flexible, Interim, and Temporary (BFIT) solution offers members a web-based searchable database of pre-screened, entry level, temporary talent for a volume-based monthly subscription.

This unique offering and pricing model is available exclusively to BioOhio Members and provides access to bio-specific temporary resources pre-screened to members requirements in a pricing model significantly lower than traditional third-party staffing firms.

Program Highlights, Outline and Employee Benefits

Program Highlights:

  • Offers BioOhio members immediate access to a proprietary web-based, searchable database, populated and managed by the BioOhio Talent Acquisition Center (BTAC) with pre-screened temporary talent on a per month basis
  • Eliminates mark-ups and conversion fees from traditional temporary staffing firms
  • Tested talent pool for future full-time needs
  • Reduces transition time through pre-qualification of talent

Program Outline:

  • Subscription to database on a monthly basis with volume-based pricing
  • Assistance with outreach/scheduling of temporary employees
  • Drug screening available
  • Custom built assessment of common core competencies available
  • Tracks information for temporary talent including resumes, rates, and hiring manager ratings

Employee Benefits:

  • Career flexibility without diluting resume
  • Opportunity to be considered for full-time positions
  • Exposure to all BioOhio participating members
  • Integration into the corporate culture
  • Greater transparency on rates

Additional Services

BioOhio members can also take advantage of services through TSP that include:  Contract Recruiting, Retained/Contingent Search, Executive Assessments, Strategic Metrics and Real-Time Tracking, Consulting/Testing, and Candidate Comparisons.

Contract Recruiter

TSP uses a model designed to support the current human resources and talent acquisition department with recruiting, requisition management, and general reporting through a seasoned recruiting professional.

Retained Search/Contingent Search

TSP’s robust knowledge, proprietary database of over 100,000 executives, and devoted network enables TSP to find the best candidate for your organization and specific need. Our tried and true methodology, developed to be customizable, ensures constant communication and expediency throughout the process. We consult with our clients to identify the particular traits and skills that work best for their organization.

Executive Assessments

Talent selection and promotional decisions are some of the most critical statements organizations can make. A company’s choices communicate its values and what direction the company is heading. TSP specializes in understanding what is required for success on a role-by-role basis and measures talent based on your needs.

Strategic Metrics and Real-Time Tracking

Strategic Metrics and Real-Time Tracking (S.M.a.R.T.) reports deliver global talent information consolidation and analysis in a single, highly customizable solution.

  • Eliminates spreadsheets
  • Provides a single version of data to support business decisions
  • Reduces lengthy reporting cycles
  • Delivers instant results to internal stakeholders


TSP partners with clients seeking better information to leverage in decisions about their human capital. We offer innovative ideas and proven processes to help our clients’ talent acquisition efforts become more successful and efficient. We approach engagements in a client-centric, flexible, and outcome-focused manner.

  • Performance management
  • Selection process design
  • Custom selection tools
  • Gen Y coaching
  • Culture analysis and alignment
  • Executive-level assessments
  • Organizational training plan development

Candidate Comparisons

  • Creating competency frameworks by position (e.g., regulatory, sales)
  • Aligning selection methodology around the framework (e.g., off-the-shelf testing, interview guides)
  • Eventually allows for benchmarking across organizations as data is gathered
  • Set-up to dovetail with recruiting/search